A message from the owner:

As the founder of this company, my ultimate goal is to become one of the elite in the cinematography world. My passion for film, creativity, and the art of story telling reflect in every video I produce. I have only dipped my toes in the water thus far, but the journey ahead of me will truly be incredible; that is for certain. My vision is unique and I am determined to be outstandingly different, in order to set myself apart from other artists. At Optic Rhythm, we offer a wide range of professional video production services, specializing in showcasing talent , marketing for professional services, live event coverage, and creative films. Music is a huge part of what we do, after all, audio makes up 50 percent of a proper video. Each track is carefully selected to fit the mood of the piece. In-house music production will start this summer, as I am a musician and have big dreams in this field as well.

I think we can all agree that most individuals can spot a quality picture when they see one; they say a photo can speak a thousand words. Video, on the other hand, can speak a million.  Not everyone realizes how powerful it can be to show your audience what you do; our aim is to help shed light on this incredible marketing tool. Whether you’d like to target a broader clientele for your company, demonstrate your skills to land a job or a college scholarship, or even to portray your passions in a manner you never thought possible, we strive to offer the absolute best quality in creative video. Feel free to get in touch with  me directly via the contact page for inquiries. Thank you for stopping by the site! – Alex Curry, Founder