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There was a time not long ago I dreamed of producing video that captivated the viewer in a manner my inspirations have done for me. My company was founded with the focus on action sports, music, art, and nature. From VT to Cali, this represents who I am, what the future holds, and the excitement it will bring to not only myself, but my crew, the artists and athletes, and of course our audience. This guy is extremely proud to present his 2015 Show Reel. Enjoy, like, comment, share. Spread the word, big things are coming from Optic Rhythm.
Special thanks to the stars of this video, in order of appearance: Ryan McNary, Caleb Casey, Burnell Washburn, Tony Hagedorn, Kat Wright, Hunter Moore, Miles Sandberg, Derek Dennison, Christofer Kaye Welter, Kyle Mcdonald, Torrey Lyons, Ben Moxham, Mac Lethal, Nick Kolkman, Marco Benevento, Moon Hooch, Marc Brownstein, Steve Stepp. Also, shout outs go to GOcase, Signal Kitchen, ArtsRiot, Higher Ground, Urban Lounge, In The Venue, Integrity First Automotive, Brighton Resort, Niche Snowboards, and Mad River Glass

Headphones recommended.