Dr. Ruckus: Cigarettes Come with Cookies (Or They Should, Damnit)

This unique group of individuals have been layin’ down some serious funky jazz fusion on the Burlington music scene lately. Brought together by a common love of live, improvisational music, Dr. Ruckus began as a collective of Burlington musicians performing a party-centered repertoire of their favorite jazz, funk, and rock standards, while adding original tunes showcasing the complex interplay of horn players Ben Reed, Mateo Davide, and Taylor Smith. The infectious groove of drummer James Gilbane and bassist Brendan Keogh, mixed with Ben Sanford’s blazing guitar work and Mike Fried’s mind-altering Keyboard skills make for a new, creative sound that will always keep you dancin’. New to the team, vocalist Hannah Lebel fills the missing link with her melodious pipes that are sure to send tingles down your spine. If you are lookin’ to get down to some killer grooves, Dr. Ruckus is sure to fill your prescription of a fun funkin’ time. Here is their latest track, recorded live at Club Metronome on October 4th, 2012.



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